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1975 - Established Namduck Moolsan Co., Ltd. for import and distribution of
   industrial chemicals
- Signed distribution agreement with PPG Industries, Inc. to sell chloro-alkalai
   chemicals and chlorinated solvents
1979 - Established Youngjin Tank Terminal Co., Ltd., at Incheon port - the first tank
   terminal in Korea - and began to import liquid caustic soda
- Signed exclusive agreement with Formosa Plastics Corporation (Taiwan) for
   import and distribution of caustic liquid
- Signed distribution agreement with Dow Chemical Korea (currently Hanwha)
   to sell caustic soda in local market
- Signed 10 year long-term contract with Petersville Sleigh (Australia) to
   purchase one million BDU Woodchips for selling Donghai Pulp Co., Ltd.
- Signed agency agreement with Tembec Industries Inc. (Canada) for the
   sales on dissolving pulps for cellophane and rayon industries
- Signed agency agreement with Arizona Chemical Company and Westvaco
   Corp. (USA) to sell rosin derivatives for paper and rubber industries
- Signed agency agreement with Engelhard Corp. (USA) to sell precious metal
   and clay catalysts to PTA as well as petrochemical industries
- Signed agency agreement with Mitsui Tohatsu Chemical to sell
   hydrochloric acid
- Signed agency agreement with Condea Chemie GmbH (Germany) to sell
   plastisizers and fatty alcohols
1980 - Established sales office in Busan
1985 - Signed exclusive agreement with BP Chemicals Limited to sell acetyls
   (acetic acid and vinyl acetate monomer)
- Signed exclusive agreement with Asahi Chemical Co., Ltd. to supply and
   sell chlorinated solvent chemicals
1986 - Received certificate for import/export toxic chemicals
1990 - Signed long-term contract with Nippon Gosei Co., Ltd. (Japan) to sell acetic
   acid and vinyl acetate monomer
- Signed long-term contract with Quantam Chemical Corp. (USA) to sell vinyl
   acetate monomer and acetic acids
1993 - Entered into exclusive agency agreement with Norsk Hydro ASA (Norway)
   to sell and supply liquid ammonia to the chemical and fertilizer Industry in
1994 - Built tank terminal at Gunsan port, located in the southwestern part of Korea,
   with 18,200kl of capacity
1996 - Increased storage capacity to 25,700kl by building additional 3 tanks
1999 - Signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with GFI Sweden AB,
   Gothenberg (currently Basic Chemical Solutions)
- Established joint venture, Tembec International Sales Korea Office (TISKO),
   with Tembec to sell chemical pulps and cellulose pulp
2001 - Increased storage capacity to 38,200kl by building additional 6 tanks
2003 - Increased storage capacity to 60,100kl by building additional 7 tanks
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